We are a multifamily Office dedicated to making your dreams a reality. For more than two decades we have helped a select group of clients and their families by providing services unlike any other. Through coordination with our international strategic alliances, we have helped and served more than 100 high-net-worth families prosper through building managing and preserving their wealth.

Edward Mermelstein

Investment Attorney

Edward A. Mermelstein is an attorney, legal strategist, businessman, and philanthropist. Edward is especially skilled in international corporate and real estate law, private equity investment and joint ventures, real estate investment, management and development as well as claims and dispute resolution. He is also the founder and CEO of One and Only Realty, Inc.

Edward has been named one of the 10 most influential figures in New York City real estate. Often quoted in the New York Times, Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal, and The Real Deal, Edward is regarded as a leading expert when it comes to closing complex deals and winning unique legal cases. Edward has also been featured on numerous talk shows, such as Fox News, CNBC, Reuters, BBC, and Bloomberg.

Gennady Perepada


Gennady Perepada Is a highly sought-after real estate broker based in New York City. Born in Ukraine, Mr. Perepada immigrated to the United States in 1990 and has been conducting business in the United States for over twenty years. He is the co-founder and President of One and Only Realty, Inc., a real estate brokerage firm headquartered in New York City.

Gennady’s career has been one not shy of excellence, as he has been involved with a significant number of high profile real estate transactions, emanating from all over the globe. His understanding of foreign clients and their needs makes him the perfect fit in assisting his multinational clientele.


Family Office

A hub of knowledge, experience and operational capability, which can support the requirements of the family across the whole range of their affairs, from long-term planning to routine transactions and administration.

Legal & tax advisory

We bring exceptional experience to wealthy international families, providing advice on long-term tax planning and structuring solutions, as well as ensuring day-to-day transactions are properly scrutinized for their tax and regulatory implications.

Wealth planning

Integrated planning and investment advice focused on the needs of resident and domiciled/deemed-domiciled family members. Clients benefit from advice across a full range of tax efficient structures and investments to support their financial and intergenerational goods.


We advise families on their approach for philanthropy, usually as an integral part of the wider family strategy. We also provide technical advice, structures, investment services and full operational support where required.


Investment Management

Drawing on extensive resources and expertise, we invest on discretionary or advisory basis across the full range of asset classes. We always adapt our investment approach to the wilder circumstances of the family.

Private equity

Using our network of contacts and partners we access attractive private equity opportunities both through funds and direct investments. Our offering is global and flexible and can be fully tailored to a client’s specific requirements.

Property advisory

We advise and act for clients in all matters relating to residential property, particularly in New York. We support clients with acquisitions and disposals, manage existing properties and offer a private property search service.

We are an international business, with offices and expertise around the world. Help is just a phone call or a flight away, no matter where your home office is located. We bring to you expert advice from an international perspective, with access to contacts and investment opportunities worldwide.

We have expanded across borders as our clients and their requirements have expanded, and as a result, our expertise has grown with our clients’ needs. Whether you require a complex answer, investment advice, or have a tax/legal questions, our expertise in international issues has you covered at any hour of the day.

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